Nový album 'Golden' a nový singel 'Dancing'

14. ledna 2018 v 12:16 |  Kylie Minogue - Novinky

Názov štrnásteho štúdioveho albumu Kylie Minogue je 'Golden'. Album vychádza 6.4.2018!
Kylie opisuje nový album ako "Dolly Parton na tanečnom parkete".
Môžeme teda očakávať tanečnú hudbu s prvkami countrey.

• Streamuj a sťahuj nový singel 'Dancing'

Režisérkou videoklipu 'Dancing' je Sophie Muller.
Fotografie k albumu 'Golden' nafotil fotograf Simon Emmett.

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01. Dancing
02. Stop Me From Falling
03. Golden
04. A Lifetime To Repair
05. Sincerely Yours
06. One Last Kiss
07. Live A Little
08. Shelby '68'
09. Radio On
10. Love
11. Raining Glitter
12. Music Is Too Sad Without You
13. Lost Without You
14. Every Little Part Of Me
15. Rollin'
16. Low Blow

Nobody wants to be alone
When you come knocking, I'll be at your door
I don't ever wanna stop
I'm gonna give it all I got
And when they ask me, "who could ask for more?"

Can't stand still
I won't slow down

When I go out, I wanna go out dancing
Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah
When I go out, I wanna go out dancing
Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah
I wanna go out dancing

I wanna go out-
I wanna go out-

This is where I wanna be with you
Your arms wrapped around me
And fireworks reflecting in your eyes
This is how I wanna feel
the music reeling
Getting down, riding all the highs


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